Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Weight Control

Most people find that dieting alone does not work long term, so what is the solution to weight control?  As therapists, we look at the whole person, their thoughts, feelings, lifestyle and sleep patterns as well as their eating habits.  Research has shown that those who don't eat breakfast tend to snack on unhealthy foods to try to regulate a drop in blood sugar and also eat large portions of food very often late at night.  Hunger also has a bearing on speed of eating and a habit of eating too quickly can easily develop.  The 'full signal' is then often missed or ignored.  Disturbed sleep also has an impact on weight and those who struggle to sleep or to stay asleep are more inclined to crave high sugar, high fat based foods.  Low mood and worry alongside tiredness makes us less inclined to feel like exercise but the irony is that once we do begin a safe and appropriate exercise regime, we start to feel better and this helps with improving motivation to rebalance our lives as a whole.

Hypnotherapy can help with the above by altering thought patterns and increasing motivation, dealing with low mood and worry and techniques to help improve sleep quality can be taught quickly through the teaching of self hypnosis.  Once a patient begins to feel more determined,  we can then help aid weight loss with the use of direct suggestion in the trance state.

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