Thursday, 20 October 2016


Panic and over response is something I see everyday in my practice.  Whatever the reason this starts in the first place, the difficulty patients have in controlling it often hinges on the avoidance strategies that establish to 'protect' the patient and prevent the unwanted response.  These strategies further enhance the belief that the patient is 'in danger' and the situation becomes a vicious circle of fear of the symptoms and avoidance. 
Clinical Hypnotherapy helps by breaking this cycle, giving control of the symptoms of over response and increasing self confidence and self belief.  Patients are then able to let go of the coping strategies as the mind learns there is no need to over respond.
Some situations I see often that include panic are:
*Dislike of driving on motorways
*Fear of being alone
*Unresolved Phobia
*Workplace stress
*Anxiety in relationships.

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