Thursday, 20 October 2016


Panic and over response is something I see everyday in my practice.  Whatever the reason this starts in the first place, the difficulty patients have in controlling it often hinges on the avoidance strategies that establish to 'protect' the patient and prevent the unwanted response.  These strategies further enhance the belief that the patient is 'in danger' and the situation becomes a vicious circle of fear of the symptoms and avoidance. 
Clinical Hypnotherapy helps by breaking this cycle, giving control of the symptoms of over response and increasing self confidence and self belief.  Patients are then able to let go of the coping strategies as the mind learns there is no need to over respond.
Some situations I see often that include panic are:
*Dislike of driving on motorways
*Fear of being alone
*Unresolved Phobia
*Workplace stress
*Anxiety in relationships.

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Smoking Cessation 2016 - New Year, New Start

'Stoptober' was again successful but if you haven't managed to remain a non smoker, it may be time to consider Clinical Hypnotherapy.  A one or two session protocol devised for the individual can really help with permanent smoking cessation.

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Phobias and Fears

Fear is a healthy, vital response to legitimate threat.  When we learn to fear situations that are far from life threatening, for example, fear of house spiders, fear of public transport, social anxiety etc., we tend to avoid or let someone else take control therefore reinforcing the response.  The language we use in describing our experiences or imagined experiences is of vital importance.  For example, a person who say they feel 'sheer terror' at the prospect of forgetting their words in a presentation or speech could perhaps be persuaded to reframe that description to 'really concerned'.
Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with many phobias and fears by desensitisation of the situation in a safe and controlled way alongside bringing personal strengths and resources further into awareness. 

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Driving Test/Performance Anxiety

Perhaps you have already taken your test and experienced anxiety that has resulted in too many errors and a fail or perhaps you are about to take your test for the first time.  You know you can drive and can focus and concentrate but somehow this changes when in the actual test or even just when thinking about the test.  It is ok to have a few nerves but it seems that there is too much negative imagination which can lead to an unconscious conditioned response.
Clinical Hypnotherapy helps by increasing your self belief and general confidence, bringing your abilities into your awareness and guided imagery of the test itself will provide the perfect opportunity for a 'rehearsal' so that when actually taking the test, it will seem as if you have done it all before, it will seem familiar!

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